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Building trust within the Blockchain space, providing security and legal solutions all over the globe.

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The crew is international. We began with smart contract audits and quickly progressed to legal work. We provide full project support, from auditing to listing tokens on exchanges, and issue legal opinions for crypto exchange listings. Furthermore, we assist new businesses in registering and obtaining financial guidance for their bitcoin initiatives so that they can operate freely in their various jurisdictions. Cexfi constantly maintains a decent price point. Since its inception, customers' trust in our company has been steadily growing.

Our Key Features

Smart Contract Audits

People can use security audits to assess the trustworthiness of various blockchain initiatives and the security of their cash. Due to Cexfi's top quality-price-ratio services, our clients always get the best customer experience. From a Smart Contract Overview to a Comprehensive Audit and Doxxing, we can provide a variety of security solutions.

Legal Office Products

Cexfi Legal Office is a global group of professional lawyers who have been involved in the crypto sector for many years. For all types of postings, our legal goods will give high-quality transparency. Company registration, legal opinion, website/ICO terms and conditions, AML/KYC procedure, whitepaper review, and other services are among our offerings. Listing Services

Most Blockchain projects aim to grow their network and recruit as many investors as possible. With our Listing Services, this is very possible. Cexfi is well-known for its many collaborations with centralised exchanges. We will not only guide you throughout the procedure, but we will also provide you with the quickest and most cost-effective options.

Our Security Team

We are here to enhance your Blockchain Security.

The Security team is comprised of prominent analysts and engineers with extensive experience in the crypto business. Our mission is to build trust within the blockchain ecosystem, allowing this rapidly evolving technology to reach its full potential among established businesses, governments, and blockchain startups. The smart contract audit services provided by Cexfi can assist you in putting your security concerns to rest. We'll show you the benefits and drawbacks, as well as provide thorough answers.

Team Members

Domenico De Lio

Project Lead

Paul Vertout

Project Cordinator
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